Integrated Status and Trend Reporting

Graphic showing various habitatrs in channel islands national marine sanctuary

Sanctuary scientists, educators, and managers routinely require timely information on the current status and recent changes in condition of sanctuary resources as well as the climatic and oceanographic drivers and human pressures on those resources. The sanctuary condition reports periodically provide a comprehensive summary of how sanctuary resources are doing, including status and trends in water quality, habitats, animals and plants, shipwrecks, and more. However the long lag time between subsequent reports (up to eight or more years), reduces their utility in the interim years. The sanctuary and partners are creating interactive infographics to fill the need for ongoing and continually changing status and trend information, as well as making the information readily available online to everyone including managers, educators, and the public.

This interactive ecosystem tool presents status and trend information in a way that is publicly accessible and intended for use by both technical and non-technical audiences.